Welcome to Music Together®
Shake, Rattle, Sing!

The following information will familiarize you with our policies and will enhance your overall experience. 

Refund Policy
Once you have registered, refunds will be granted as follows:

  • One week or more prior to the 1st class: Full refund.
  • One week or less prior to the 1st class : Tuition minus a $45 cancellation fee.
  • After the 1st class and prior to the 2nd class: Tuition minus a $50 cancellation fee.
  • After the 2nd class: No refunds are given.
  • In case of cancellation, please note that all materials must be returned in mint, re-sellable condition, or you will be charged an additional $50.
We understand that ever-changing nap times may mean your schedule has to change. We will do the best we can to fit you into another class to accommodate your schedule, based on class availability. 


Makeup Classes

All families are allowed unlimited makeup classes to be used within the current session. To schedule a makeup class, please click here.

Guest Policy
If there is an instance where you need to bring a child guest or sibling to class, feel free to do so on occasion. While they are welcome to visit a class for free one time, their play at either STL or WP will not be covered. Please be curteous about not making it a regular habit. Adult guests are always welcome and do not need to be scheduled in advance. 

Wellness Policy
If your child is not feeling well or has a runny nose (no matter the color), please stay home. We will be happy to help you schedule a make-up class for a later date. If you or your child displays symptoms of illness while in class, such as excessive cough or runny nose that hinders your child's participation in class, you may be asked to leave class for the day. Please do not be upset, but understand that this is for the good of all of our children, including your own.

Inclement Weather
To check on class cancellations due to inclement weather, please check your email or call us at 501-547-0060. Each incident will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Classes that must be cancelled due to inclement weather will be rescheduled unless each family can attend another class as a makeup. Our schedule is fairly tight, so adding classes at the end is not always an option. Thank you for your understanding.

Infant Siblings
Infants 11 months or under may attend FREE with a paid, registered sibling. PLEASE NOTE: Infants must be 11 months of age or younger at the start of the session [NOTE: Because covid has been such a hit to everyone (whether financially or emotionally), we are currently allowing all siblings free of charge. The current cost includes the whole family.]


Helpful Tips for Enjoying Your Music Together Experience

Wear comfy clothes. In our classes, you and your child will be sitting on the floor, dancing around the room, jumping up and down, banging on a drum, and participating in many other fun and energetic activitiesPlease dress comfortably. Also, be aware that for the safety of our little ones crawling on the floor, we ask that everyone remove their shoes before entering the classroom. Feel free to bring socks! 

Hello everybody, so glad to see you! The "Hello Song" is a beloved ritual that welcomes the children at the beginning of each class. Children delight in hearing their own name in the Hello Song, so please arrive on time for class.

Shhhh! Keep non-music related chatter to a minimum. Enhance your child's experience in class by remembering to sing, sing, sing! Your active participation (regardless what you think of your musical ability) is the key to your children learning and growing musically. Support the creation of a music-only environment while in class by keeping the chatter to a minimum during the 45 minutes. Since it is difficult for a young child to tune out adult conversation, please wait to socialize until after class and instead contribute to the creation of a musical environment for the children to absorb.

Allow your child to participate at their own comfort level. Some days that might mean your little one is "just" sitting and absorbing the musical atmosphere around them. Other days, your little one might be wearing a tambourine as a hat, singing parts of the songs, or dancing along to the music in the corner of the classroom. As long as your child is safe to himself and others, we encourage every child to experience the class in the way that is most meaningful and developmentally appropriate to them!